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The Nelle is many things - but at the heart of it all, she is a place in town for women to build community.

What is The Nelle?
Our product is our space. We are a membership-based business model that gives those with membership access to the space that we call The Nelle. 

Why are you opening The Nelle? 
We are looking to provide female business owners, professionals, entrepreneurs, and networkers with a community of like-minded women with A space that fosters collaboration and community.  Our space is designed to feel like a "second home" and encourages members to interact on a daily basis.

Thinking about joining The Nelle?
There are a myriad of reasons to join, so to help we have broken out the diverse group of women who are interested:

  • The Business Owner/Entrepreneur -  These women are always looking for ways to get connected, keep their brand relevant, seek advice from other business owners, find potential investors and looking for ways to teach others what they have learned. Time is precious to the business owner, she is looking for ways to maximize her time, energy spent, and needs an opportunity to practice self-care.  The Nelle provides a location to host all networking and business meetings, meet a diverse group of women from different ages and backgrounds, take fitness classes or indulge in a spa service. With workspaces galore, members have access to internet, rentable private rooms, and the opportunity to have the social interaction you’ve been craving or just the collaboration you’ve been looking for. 

  • The Seasoned Professional - These women are seasoned ladies of the corporate world. They are used to be the only female during business meetings and have the ability to take a long lunch or mentor the next generation of female workers. The Nelle provides women a sophisticated location to entertain clients, host an event or big meeting, treat themselves to the salon or spa, get a workout in, or meet for weekend brunch. 

  • The Expert Networker - These women are powerhouse connectors and looking to build strong relationships with innovative, inspiring and hardworking women like themselves. The Nelle provides a central space to host all coffee, lunch and happy hour meetings while also allowing you more opportunities to connect with women on a daily basis by simply just being a member. With the ample and beautiful space, we provide, members have the luxury of attending weekly events hosted by members, partners and event out of town special guests. 

  • The New Graduate - Just get out of school and looking for a great way to make new friends? The Nelle allows up to 3 guests without any additional costs or reservations for every member.  The space is your oyster for all those gals with side hustles or if you feel like getting away from your roommates.  You also have access to free social events happening around The Nelle daily, ability to network with mentors, can take a free yoga class or find ways to get involved in the community.

Are men, children, guests allowed to The Nelle?
YES!  Women have a lot going on, to help make sure the needs of our members are met, we allow guests onto the first floor of our space that are not female.  We treat our upstairs space like a Women's Locker room. (i.e. those identifying as women and children only) Male counterparts & guests are allowed to visit The Nelle on our first floor as well as our basement level.  Children will have access to an upstairs child friendly space.


Membership Types

Annual Membership: $2,300

U28 membership: $1,500

corporate, social & non-profit memberships available

The Nelle is many things, but at the heart of it all, she is a place in town for women to build community.
— Nelle Co-Founders Lauren & Sierra

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