September Update 2018

Hi all our Nellies!

Thank you for your continued support and patience as we continue through this process of bringing you the best we can with The Nelle!  A few little updates on our end we would like to share with you:

  1. We are working on finalizing our programming partnership with The Women's Foundation this fall.  Our team met with Wendy Doyle, CEO of the Women's Foundation and discussed goals and are also in process of establishing a calendar of events related to developing women such as negotiating, community impact and much more!  If you haven't signed up for their annual event on October 2nd, there are still tickets available! This year's keynote speaker is Ann Curry. Purchase tickets here.

  2. To date, we officially have 40 members who have been accepted to The Nelle.  All of them are bright and beautiful women who are a healthy mix of community contributors, corporate powers and change makers.  We are so thankful for the applications and we are working on getting through reviewing each and every one of them as soon as we can! If you have a name of someone we should definitely consider who has applied or someone you wish to nominate, please email to let us know!

  3. In August, we started a journey with Hello Big Idea to help us create a website to fit our needs and our members.  We are currently on week 3 and are gearing up to see the first draft of our website this week.  We will be very excited to keep you posted on social media as well as gear up to launch a capital campaign once we launch to help with the redevelopment costs of this project.  Stay tuned!

  4. We have been blessed to be able to work with crazy talented Anna Petrow for all photography related content for our website and social media. She is also working on a beautiful project for us behind the scenes as well.....can't tell you yet!

If you have any thoughts, feedback, questions or just want to say hi - feel free to send us a note! We are excited to keep you posted on our progress and will let you know updates as quickly as we can.

Hope you all had a happy and safe holiday weekend!

- Lauren & Sierra

Lauren Merriman