Featured Member: Alissa Wehmueller


Introducing this weeks Nelle Membership Spotlight: Where we highlight who our real life members are and ask what The Nelle means to them. This series is led by the creative genius Anna Petrow of Anna Petrow Photography who highlighted this weeks featured member Alissa Wehmueller, Principal at Helix Architecture and Design.

Anna: “Tell me about a woman who inspires you.”
Alissa: “My grandmother. She's faced incredible challenges and sadness and continues to be the most positive, uplifting person I've ever known. At 88 she's committed to staying connected (social media, texting etc.) always wants to be in on the latest and greatest and doesn't want to miss a thing. I can't imagine what the world would look like if we all lived each day with even a 1/10th of her spirit.”  

Anna: “What are you looking forward to most about The Nelle?”  
Alissa: “It's funny, we've been so focused on the details of the space - what physically makes The Nelle. But the other night at an event I met some of the new members and walked away with this realization that 'wow - I get to be a part of this group after we create the space!?' It's been such an honor to design The Nelle, I love that I'll get to enjoy it with such incredible individuals when it's done. I'm really looking forward to getting to know them and build a community together.”

Anna: “What drives you creatively?”
Alissa: “I am most inspired creatively when I know that the places I'm designing will impact peoples' day-to-day lives. We spend so much time away from home - working, learning, socializing - those spaces should be comfortable, functional and beautiful. I'm also committed and passionate about creating spaces that are both environmentally responsible and healthy for the people in them.”

Anna: “What stands out to you most about KC's recent growth?”
Alissa: “The pride! I remember when I first moved to KC over 13 years ago so many people - who lived here! - asked why I would ever move to KC. Now we're such cheerleaders for this place, it's been fun to watch the transformation and I love how much we all love this city. It seems like every neighborhood is growing and changing, with new restaurants and experiences arriving every day. We need to be committed to keeping this momentum going - there's still a lot to be done!”

Anna: “What was it like working on The Nelle?”
Alissa: “It's been inspiring to work closely with Lauren and Sierra as they make their vision a reality. To work alongside them making that vision a physical space has been a great journey. I appreciate how much weight they've put in the feedback they've gotten from members - the changes to the amenities and amount of space dedicated to each has continued to evolved with each conversation. Creating space that needs to do so many things well - be the perfect spot to work effectively, to meet a group of friends for coffee, to have a cup of wine with a mentor and brunch with your family - it's been a fun challenge.”

Anna: “What details did you bring to life that you are most excited about?”
Alissa: “There are so many colors, textures, lighting and furniture that were carefully selected to be just right - especially set in the canvas of a wonderful historic building. There's a balance in creating the right amount of feminine, strength and a little humor throughout. We're collaborating with female artists and creators to bring one-of-a-kind elements that I can't wait to be realized. You'll just have to wait and see!”

Lauren Merriman