Featured Member: Amy Dreyer

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Spotlight on Amy Dreyer

Model, Stylist & Creative Consultant

Introducing our Nelle Membership Spotlights: Where we highlight who our real life members are and what The Nelle means to them. This series is led by the creative genius Anna Petrow of Anna Petrow Photography who highlighted featured member Amy Dreyer - KC native, creative consultant, and Nelle powerhouse lady.

Anna: “Why is KC a home base for you?”
Amy: “I was born and raised in Kansas City (independence to be exact) and although I’ve lived in Australia and have spent tons of time in other cities there is something about the ease and stress free living that keeps me coming back. Not only are the people friendly, but the city is growing at a pace that gives creatives a chance to do something different. You can really have it all here... a business, family and enough time and money leftover to travel and enjoy your free time.”

Anna: “Who is a woman that inspired you?”
Amy: “I feel incredibly lucky to have been raised by a woman who inspired me (whether I knew it or not at the time) my entire life, my mom. Her work ethic and moral compass are something that I strive for daily... Her life advice is the one thing I’ll never take for granted. She is an incredible mother, friend and wife... after my father passed when I was young she dug her heels in harder than ever to provide and send me to college. I remember her not buying herself ANYTHING new so that I could have the “cool” jeans I wanted growing up. She sacrificed so we didn’t have to and for that I’m eternally inspired.”

Anna: “What made you want to belong to The Nelle?”
Amy: “Joining the Nelle was a simple choice for me... as I had already found a community of friends and colleagues that I enjoy, but we had no where to meet and work or even just hang out. We thought how many meetings can we have at the Unbakery and Juicery? So when Lauren and Sierra decided to bring a big city concept like the Nelle to KC I was beyond excited. Cities like New York and LA... they have plenty of spots where you can work and play. A place where women can thrive, young and old.”

Anna: “What are you looking forward to the most about The Nelle?”
Amy: “I’m definitely looking
Forward to being able to have a place to work outside the home and also where working moms can have access to childcare nearby. Where we can also grab an avocado toast or get a pedicure in between meetings. It really is a dream come true... Especially if you have traveled to larger cities and know the kind of amenities they have to offer. The Nelle is definitely what KC needed!”

Anna: “What is your proudest accomplishment?”
Amy: “Surviving my 20s... kidding... but not really. Young women have so many pressures on them and not enough life experience to know how to handle them. Learning To balance life and daily stress while keeping up with societal standards can be very trying. It’s hard to always know whats really important to worry about and what isn’t. Measuring your success on being happy and not simply based on monetary values or what others may have accomplished. Following
Your true passions and instincts even when You aren’t sure what they are yet (And in the meantime you end up waiting tables for a bit longer than expected 😂). Im proud I got through those years and came out the other side a better version of myself. I’m most proud of being a stepmom and mom... knowing I’m doing my best everyday. And also for not being afraid to put myself out there and possibly being judged along the way. Learning how to treat myself and my body kindly... eating right and exercising. Taking good care of your mental health is so important and people forget that to succeed you need to put yourself first sometimes. (Sorry, Did you just ask for one thing? 🤷🏼‍♀️)"

Anna: “What gives you your creative drive?”
Amy: “I feel most creative when I’m traveling... it’s been that way my entire life. Experiencing another culture and way of life does something to my spirit and soul that I can’t quite explain except to say that it makes me who I am. The more you see the more you know... and that means having a diverse viewpoint while being creative. Stepping outside my comfort zone and seeing the world, it’s colors and beauty. Hearing the sounds, tasting the flavors and laughing with the people. Whether I’m planning a trip, just home from an adventure or somewhere exotic I feel like a supercharged version of myself and that transfers to my work thankfully.”

Lauren Merriman