Featured Member: Leah DiCarlo

Leah DiCarlo

Leah DiCarlo

Development Director at Centric

Introducing this weeks Nelle Membership Spotlight: Where we highlight who our real life members are and ask what The Nelle means to them. This series is led by the creative genius Anna Petrow of Anna Petrow Photography who highlighted this weeks featured member Leah Dicarlo: Development Director at Centric.

Anna: “Why is Kansas City your home base?”
Leah: “I was born and raised in Kansas City. I get so much joy out of spending time with my family and friends that it’s hard to imagine being anywhere else.   When I was working as an Architect, I was afforded the opportunity to travel all around the world and work in other cities such as San Francisco, London, Barcelona, and Milan. Those experiences were very enriching, and I always appreciated and enjoyed the different qualities that other cities have to offer.  These experiences really ended up helping me to appreciate being in Kansas City even more. It is such a great place to live, and we’re a very special community full of amazing and interesting people.”

Anna: “Tell me about a woman who inspires you?”
Leah: “This is a hard question because there are so many inspirational women out there.
One woman that comes to mind who has been an inspiration to me was my grandmother, Inez.  She was so many things that I admire - she was super creative, smart, witty, she loved to have fun, treated others with respect, and also did not put up with any crap.  She was a single mom of 5 kids, she worked hard, and she always had a positive attitude. I loved how unafraid she was to be herself, especially at a time when society really wanted to put women in a box.  For example, when she was in high school she loved math, but it was not a subject women were encouraged to learn or study. She didn’t care about that, and enrolled as the only woman in her high school who had ever taken the class.”

Anna: “What drives you creatively?”
Leah: “I love problem solving, especially with other creative people. I am lucky at work to be surrounded by an amazing creative team that works really well together. We all respect one another, support each other, and push one another. When my team gets in the room together, we completely feed of one another’s energy.  We talk through thoughts and ideas and always come up with something together that is better than where we started. Collaborating and being around other creative people who get inspired by and energized by the creative process is what drives me creatively.”

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